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What is an Occupational Therapist?

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An occupational therapist is similar to a physical therapist in that they both assist their patients to help them increase mobility, quality of life, and independence. Both types of therapy are recognized in the medical field and educate their patients to prevent and avoid injuries. But the main difference between these two therapists is that
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What Kind of Education and Certificates Should My Physical Therapist Have?


What Kind of Education and Certificates Should My Physical Therapist Have? January 12, 2018 Physical therapists are medical professionals who treat a vast array of patients every day. The physical therapy treatment program is a crucial part of a patient’s recovery. Becoming a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is quite an accomplishment! Acquiring a
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What Is Poor Posture and How Does Physical Therapy Help?

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Posture is defined as the way that a person holds themselves and the way that their body is supported when it is in the sitting or standing position.Posture is a vital part of good health and can cause people unnecessary pain and fatigue. When a person is slouching, or hunched over, or has rounded shoulders,
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What Can I Expect on My First Physical Therapy Appointment?

Physical Therapy Appointment

Physical therapy is often prescribed or recommended for many patients, especially those who have had surgery or just had a baby, or who have injured themselves. Therapy is an excellent way for the body to supply the much-needed oxygen to the brain, which then stimulates beginning of the recovery process through the program that a
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What Kind of Qualities Should a Good Physical Therapist Have?

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Many physicians refer their patients to physical therapy treatment. This treatment program is usually for patients who have injured themselves or are recovering from surgery. Physical therapists endure a grueling physical therapy program and participate in many hours of hands-on exercises. Physical therapists are highly trained medical professionals; some may even have a specialty, such
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How Can Physical Therapy Slow the Aging Process?

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Most people do not look forward to getting older and the aging process, especially if the individual is active and is finding it harder to maintain their active lifestyle. As individuals become older, they tend to have achy joints, loose muscle mass, some may develop high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and loss of hearing,
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How Effective Is Kinesiology Tape During the Healing Process?

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People are usually recovering from an injury in one way or another. Whether a person is an Olympic tri-athlete who has a torn ligament, or an individual who is recovering from an operation, physical therapy will most likely be prescribed. As part of the rehabilitation, especially early on, the physical therapist may apply a unique tape
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How Physical Therapy Helps Patients With TMJ

temporomandibular joint

Physical Therapy has many benefits for the body and helps individuals who suffer from many different ailments. Whether you suffer from arthritis pain, autoimmune disorders, neurological problem, asthma, diabetes, nerve damage, and even jaw problems, physical therapy can help. Complications with the jaw? Yes, and TMJ is one of the most common problems people experience,
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5 Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them from Happening


Are you like many people who are sedentary during the winter months because you don’t like being out in the cold? Maybe your arthritis or other ailments prevent you from going outside because the cold weather makes your joints more painful than usual. Well, take heart, you’re not alone. Many people don’t exercise in the
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