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Early Treatment by a Physical Therapist Associated with Reduced Risk of Health Care Utilization and Reduced Overall Health Care Costs

ALEXANDRIA, VA, May 25, 2012 – A new study published in Spine shows that early treatment by a physical therapist for low back pain (LBP), as compared to delayed treatment, was associated with reduced risk of subsequent health care utilization and lower overall health care costs. Using a national database of employer-sponsored health plans, researchers
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Overuse Tendinopathies

Overuse tendinopathies are one of the most common occurring “injuries”, affecting millions of people everyday. They can occur in everyone from elite athletes to those just participating in recreational sports or even workers with repetitive job duties. Quality of life is a major issue when dealing with tendinopathy and can have an affect on more
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Pilates and Pelvic Health

Abstract Virginia Lanier, DPT, discusses how Pilates can help your pelvic health. Article Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women suffer from bowel or bladder issues? Did you also know that Pilates can help? Research indicates that specifically targeting the core musculature by performing exercises like Pilates can strengthen the supporting structures of
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