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Physical Therapy Treatment for Vertigo

Do you experience a spinning sensation when you move? When you stand up or move around abruptly, does it feel as if the room is tilting? Have you suffered a fall because you suddenly felt imbalanced? These continuous sensations of dizziness are often accompanied by symptoms related to motion sickness, including nausea and vomiting. If
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Alzheimer’s: Raising an Awareness

Alzheimer Man

According to recent statistics, over 44 million people throughout the world have suffered from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a disease of the mind, or more specifically, a type of dementia that causes mild to severe memory loss and can often affect thinking and behavior. Here are a few basic statistics regarding Alzheimer’s within the U.S.: Every
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5 Ways to Use Organic Coconut Oil


1. Protection against Dry Skin or Damaged Hair. In the cold winter months, coconut oil rubbed on the lips will keep them silky smooth and prevent chapping. Many popular commercial beauty products often combine whipped shea butter and organic coconut oil to create a luxurious soothing body balm in order to exfoliate and remove dead skin.
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