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How Physical Therapy Can Help Combat Shoulder Pain

stretching for shoulder pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and also the most versatile. It is a complex ball and socket joint made up of the shoulder blade, the arm bone and the collar bone. There are plenty of muscles and ligaments that help move and support the shoulder. Even then, the shoulder joint
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4 Habits Seniors Can Adopt to Stay Fit

Elderly women playing sports.

While old age can often impact a number of bodily functions, keeping fit can help you ward off many of its effects. In fact, taking care of the mind and body has helped many seniors realize the truth in the saying “you’re only as old as you feel.” Aging gracefully is something that many seniors
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3 Ways to Help Alleviate Joint Pain

joint pain

Pain in any of the 360 joints in the body can be annoying and should be cause for concern. Joint pain can be caused by many different things, so in order to treat them effectively, it is best to first find out the root cause. Some of the joints that are most commonly affected by
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