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Overuse Tendinopathies

Overuse tendinopathies are one of the most common occurring “injuries”, affecting millions of people everyday. They can occur in everyone from elite athletes to those just participating in recreational sports or even workers with repetitive job duties. Quality of life is a major issue when dealing with tendinopathy and can have an affect on more
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Keep Low Back Pain Away

Abstract Jeff Wilcox, DPT, discusses causes and ways to prevent low back pain. Article Low back pain is one of the most common complaints I am confronted with, working as a physical therapist. It is typically the result of either chronic poor posture and/or weak core strength. Both of these impairments can cause several other
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Choosing a Therapist

Common Misconceptions and Myths about Physical Therapy Freedom of Choice: Although your physician is a highly trained and skilled professional, and he or she is looking out for your health, you are not obligated to go to any particular physical therapist. Just like anyone else, physicians may suggest someone simply because they know them socially
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The Benefits of Therapy vs Cortisone Injections

Abstract The article below reviews thousands of patients with tendinopathy. Some patients received Cortisone injections and others, in the control group, either rested or received physical therapy. The results show that while Cortisone relieves pain immediately and in the short term seems to work, after six to nine months the likelihood of recurrence is 60-70%.
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