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People of all ages suffering from injuries, illnesses or medical problems that prevent them from moving or functioning normally could benefit from orthopedic outpatient therapy. A customized program of treatment can help you to return to your previous level of function, but how do you know if physical therapy could prove to be helpful for you?

You’re Experiencing Pain

If you have a chronic or acute pain condition, manual therapy techniques like soft tissue and joint mobilization and therapeutic exercises can help to not only relieve pain but also to restore joint and muscle function so the pain is less likely to return.

You’ve Been Told You May Need Surgery

If you have had an injury and have been told you may need surgery, orthopedic outpatient treatment could help you to avoid having to have an operation. Even if you do need to have surgery, you will benefit from having some physical therapy beforehand. You will be able to go into surgery in better shape and stronger, and this will help you to recover more quickly afterwards.

You’re Struggling With Your Mobility

If you struggle to move, walk or stand, whatever your age, orthopedic outpatient treatment could help you. Strengthening and stretching exercises could restore your movement and enable you to enjoy a better quality of life.

You’ve Suffered A Sporting Injury

If you’re a keen athlete, or even someone who enjoys sports and keeping fit in your leisure time, you will be more at risk of suffering from injures like strains and sprains. Orthopedic treatment could help speed your recovery and help to guard against similar injuries occurring again.

You Have An Increased Risk Of Falls

If you have a high risk of falling, orthopedic treatment could help to improve your balance. You can learn exercises during orthopedic treatment that carefully and safely improve your coordination so that you can move around more easily without putting yourself at greater risk. This will improve your quality of life.

You Suffer From Age-Related Conditions

As we get older, we become more prone to a range of health problems that can make it difficult to cope with everyday activities. Osteoporosis and arthritis are just two age-related conditions that can cause older people additional pain and result in limited mobility. Orthopedic treatments can help patients to manage these conditions effectively yet conservatively, or can help in the recovery process after surgery to address these problems.

Arranging Your Physical Therapy Appointment

If you need physical therapy in St Louis, RPI Therapy Services are on hand to help. Our skilled and experienced team can offer you an exceptional level of care and treatment so that you can enjoy reduced pain, better mobility and a better quality of life. So, contact us today if you’re experiencing any of the above issues and arrange your first appointment.