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If you’ve been suffering from muscle soreness and tension, then a visit to our Physical therapist Jonty Felsher, in University City MO, may do you some good. But before you do that, let’s introduce you to massage guns, the most recent fad to sweep the health and fitness industry. Massage guns have become a staple among people who wish to relieve tightness and soreness in their muscles. In fact, they are the perfect alternative to your average foam roller when it just isn’t getting the job right. However, what most of us know about massage guns is what the companies tell us through their exaggerated marketing tactics. What do the experts think? Do they really work? If so, then the future of quick relief may be a simple handmade device that you can use anywhere! But before delving deep into that, let’s talk about:

What is a massage gun?

At first glance, a massage gun looks a lot like a handheld drill, and in fact, it kinda sounds like one too. This small handheld device produces percussive vibration from the gun head. They pack a bigger punch than most home massage solutions despite being more compact. A massage gun has a wide range of settings, and the electric motor can be used on everything from rapid-fire percussion, muscle stirring, or deep tissue.

Why use a massage gun?

A massage gun is one of the many tools a modern physical therapy clinic will use during your session. And frankly, it’s not hard to understand why they are so popular. Massage guns can potentially promote local blood flow, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension. Plus, they are easily portable. Hence, you can use it before or after an exercise or as per your need. While massage guns are for everyone, they have been well received among athletes and professionals who need to loosen up sore and tight muscles on the fly or after every workout. This is all possible because massage guns come with different attachments to massage different body parts.

Are massage guns any good?

The short answer is yes, they are. For one, a significant amount of research suggests that massage guns effectively improve short-term muscle length and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Have you ever experienced muscle soreness for up to 72 hours after a workout?
That’s DOMS. Using a massage gun on your muscles after an intense workout will largely reduce muscle soreness, thus quickening your recovery.
Besides, studies also vouch for the effectiveness of percussive therapy (the principle on which massage guns work). One study, for instance, investigated the efficacy of percussive vibration on calves’ plantar flexor muscle, which were subjected to a five-minute percussive vibration therapy. The results indicated a massive increase in ankle dorsiflexion—the ability to pull the toes up to the shins. While there wasn’t an increase in torque or power in this set of muscles, this study endorsed the power of percussive vibration therapy in improving short-term muscle length. This is a critical component of flexibility.
There’s no denying that research on improvement of torque, speed, and endurance has been minimal. Nevertheless, a massage gun still possesses massive benefits for anyone who wishes to improve their muscle length and reduce muscle soreness fast.

Physical Therapist In University City:

When to visit a physical therapy clinic

Anyone can easily operate a massage gun. But before introducing it to your fitness arsenal, it’s best to consult a physical therapist first. This is because while massage guns will relieve muscle soreness, they are not the end-all cure-all solution for all forms of pain. For cases of injury, abnormal aches, and chronic pain, getting a professional’s help is the best way to get appropriate rehabilitation therapy. In addition, it might be difficult to hit some vibrations on your own and operate it generally. This is yet another reason why you should visit a physical therapy clinic. A physical therapist will guide you on how to correctly and effectively use a massage gun at home so you can gain the most from it.
Are you experiencing recurrent muscle soreness, pain, and tightness? Please visit our physical therapist in University City MO, for a comprehensive check-up and take charge of your health.