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How we add value

Andrew_Kerman-4572Your residents will not only benefit from Onsite Therapy (Physical, Occupational and Speech) and Wellness Services; they will truly appreciate receiving these services in the comfort and convenience of their home. Facilities and resident’s family members no longer have to concern themselves with transporting residents to and from therapy several times each week. Family members and facility administration also receive peace of mind knowing that RPI Therapy and Wellness Services will help residents in maintaining their independence allowing them to age in place.

Benefits of RPI Therapy Services Programs:

  • Implement programming aimed to assist your residents’ in maintaining their independence, allowing them to age in place.
  • Assist in managing your residents’ wellness needs.
  • Develop customized weekly group exercise programs aimed to regain resident’s function allowing them to return to their routine in the comfort and convenience of their home. These programs are offered to your facility at no cost to you. Weekly classes may include Balance/ Tai Chi, Strength and Conditioning.
  • Offer individualized therapeutic exercise programs for residents to improve health, cognition and stamina. Within the communities that RPI Therapy Services serve, facility staff experience reduced stress from dealing with resident health issues and allowing them to focus on connecting and engaging with residents.
  • Improve residents’ satisfaction and wellness, leading to better retention rates.
  • Provide additional staff at no cost to your facility. RPI will employ the necessary Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Staff , who possess the special skill set, knowledge base and passion for providing the most effective, evidence based treatment to your residents. We pride ourselves on our team of caring, skilled and enthusiastic professionals.

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