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It goes without saying that one of the key ingredients of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or senior, implementing a good exercise regimen can help you to look good, and more importantly, feel good. However, one of the risks associated with exercising is being injured, especially if you are not performing exercises correctly. Here are a few tips to help you prevent injuries during exercise:

1. Stretch Before You Begin. Stretching helps to prepare your body for exercising. Not only does stretching help to condition your muscles so as to prevent injuries, but it also helps to increase mobility and flexibility.

2. Do your Research. Knowing the proper way to perform each exercise is an important part of exercise safety. Before you develop an exercise routine, decide which exercises you’d like to include and look up each of them to see how they should be performed. YouTube is a great tool to watch exercises be demonstrated.

3. Take Your Time. Rushing, when it comes to just about anything, always leads to inaccuracy and in the case of exercising, could potentially lead to injuries. Take your time when performing each exercise and take a break between each set of reps.

4. Don’t Over-do It. Like most other things, exercising should be done in moderation. Exercising in excess can often lead to wear and tear on muscles and joints. Be sure to do an adequate amount of reps for each exercise you perform. If you are a beginner, do a low amount of reps to start off with, and build you way up as you get more comfortable with the exercise regimen. Whatever the case may be, if you start to feel weak, faint or short of breath, take a break immediately.

5. Mix It Up. It is important to include a number of different exercises that target different areas of the body, in your exercise regimen. Focusing on just one area of the body for long periods of time can often lead to over-use injuries. Include exercises that focus on your core, legs, and upper body. This will create a balance and help to reduce the risks of potential injuries.

Ultimately exercising can be extremely beneficial and add to the overall quality of your life. Using proper work-out methods and tips can make the difference between a good exercise experience and one that results in injury.