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Manual Physical Therapy

manual physical therapy Our Physical Therapists specialize in manual physical therapy “hands on” techniques, to treat muscles, facia, nerves and joints. We focus on a comprehensive approach with every patient.

Manual physical therapy is a hands on approach that enables the physical therapist to get to know and understand each patient’s problem, providing a course of treatment for their ailments and injuries. We are able to evaluate and treat chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, physical conditions arising from aging, auto accidents, on the job injuries, back pain, muscle pulls, chronic and acute injuries involving the knee, ankle, shoulder, and other joints.

Prior to beginning treatment, your physical therapist will confer with you to understand your injury – how it happened, how it affects you, where it is located, and your level of ability and conditioning to remedy the ailment. It is with this thorough evaluation, using the latest in scientific and medical knowledge, that RPI obtains a holistic viewpoint to help guide you through treatment and recovery.

Our therapists take pride in being current with the latest advancements in treatment and sharing this with patients to construct for them a course of therapy to make their healing process as quick and pain free as possible.

To learn how manual physical therapy can help you, give us a call at either one of our outpatient physical therapy clinics in Creve Coeur, MO or Clayton, MO.

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