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Rehab Pilates

rehab pilatesPilates is an exercise approach that develops core abdominal strength in a safe and controlled manner. Our rehab pilates program is supervised by a certified Pilates instructor with a Physical Therapy background. The RPI rehab Pilate’s program integrates biomechanic and kinesthetic methodologies to improve recovery for injured patients.

Rehab Pilates can teach you new ways to move and improve your motor skills and coordination, speeding the healing process. This aim is achieved by teaching you more efficient ways of training through optimizing your motions in ways that stimulate your mind and body. You will enjoy improved awareness and mental acuity, while developing or enhancing core stability, functional strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and breathing.

The principles of Rehab Pilates relate to your core strength and balance centers – abdominal, pelvic and back muscles, spine, and mind. All of this leads to a better, healthier spine, which can reduce or eliminate back pain, work-related injuries, bladder problems such as urinary incontinence, while improving posture and strength.

To learn how rehab Pilates can help you, give us a call at either one of our outpatient physical therapy clinics in Creve Coeur, MO or Clayton, MO. Ask us about our Pilates classes run by a qualified physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor.

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