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Women’s Health

women's healthTreatment is performed by a certified Women’s Health Therapist. The primary focus of this program is to treat two commonly occurring conditions that woman experience as they age: urinary incontinence and pelvic pain.

At RPI we realize that this is a very personal issue that deals with physical and emotional facets. That’s why we employ therapists who have special training in women’s health issues and who know the issues faced by females through their aging process. We provide the utmost in discretion, courtesy, and healing techniques to help women get back to their lives and normal routines.

By gaining a thorough understanding of individual patients, we listen and learn about your particular situation, and devise a plan to help you regain control of your bladder and comfort. We will show you, based on your particular condition and needs, a series of rehab exercises that you can do at home or in the gym, that will put you on the path to wellness and confidence.

RPI has experience in treating stress, urge, and overflow incontinence. In addition, pelvic floor tension myalgia, vulvodynia, pelvic organ prolapse, and vaginismus. We have successfully helped our patients through these conditions with pelvic muscle rehabilitation, biofeedback muscle retraining, behavior modification, urinary control tools, pelvic pain treatments, manual therapy, and patient education.

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