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The Best Place for Physical Therapy, St Louis

Physical therapy covers a range of therapeutic activities that promote wellness, increase functionality, and have a general impact on improving the quality of life. Physical therapists are trained to deliver different types of physical therapy, depending on the needs of the person. Whether you are recovering from surgery, have a chronic condition, are struggling to manage pain, or are simply getting older, physical therapy can be the answer to being able to live a more fulfilling life.

Find Out About RPI Physical Therapy St Louis

Rehabilitation Professionals Inc., or RPI, was established in 1997, and we have been providing expert physical therapy ever since. We pride ourselves on offering a service that allows people access to professional diagnosis and effective treatment for their primary condition, rather than just treating the symptoms.
From the moment you walk into one of our clinics, you will be treated as an individual, not as a patient or a condition. Our therapists will work with you to understand your needs and what you want to achieve. We will then co-produce a treatment plan, carry out the treatment at our state-of-the-art outpatient facilities, and allow you to live your life free from the condition that brought you to us.

What Types of Physical Therapy Does RPI Provide?

A full range of physical therapy treatments are on offer to ensure all needs can be met. This includes manual physical therapy as well as aquatic physical therapy for those injuries or conditions that benefit from being supported in the water.
We also offer trigger-point dry-needling, rehab Pilates, and myofascial release. A certified Women’s Health Therapist is available to treat common conditions experienced by women, such as urinary incontinence and pelvic pain.
Sports-related physical therapists are also on hand for those sports-related injuries, aches, and pains. We also specialize in vestibular rehab, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and treating the effects of fibromyalgia.

Not Just Physical Therapy

At RPI, we have tailored what we offer to provide a holistic view. As well as the physical therapists, we also include occupational therapists and nutritionists in our team to ensure that all of your needs can be met without seeking help elsewhere.
For our more senior clients, we are also able to offer speech therapy as part of our Senior Residential Division. This means our therapists go out and visit more than fifteen senior residential facilities in the St Louis area to provide a holistic package of care and treatment.

Best Physical Therapy Near Me

If you are thinking of searching for the ‘best physical therapy near me’, there is no need. If you are in St Louis, Missouri, or Chicago, Illinois, then give us a call! There is no need to get a physician to refer you as we accept self-referrals, and our treatments are covered on most health insurance plans.
Our dedicated staff are ready and waiting, so call and book your first appointment.