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When it comes to exercising and maintaining a healthy physique, consistency is the key. In other words, sticking to an exercise regimen is more important (and more difficult), that developing the routine itself. However, there are many ways to help ensure that you stick to your workout plan. Below are a few we came up with:

Choose the Right Regimen. Before you can be motivated and inspired to stick on to an exercise program, you first need to select the right regimen so that you can get into the habit of working out. You need to choose an exercise program that fits your specific needs and fitness level. The regimen you choose must be suitable for your health condition to ensure that as you perform the exercises you are not putting your overall health at risk. It is highly recommended to choose a simple exercise program first before trying to get into those that are more complex.

Set Reasonable Goals. Despite what many people think, setting goals that are too high can lead to failure. Because of this, it is important to set reasonable goals that are not completely out of reach. If you fail to achieve all the goals you have set, then you will be discouraged. In this sense, you need to breakdown your goals into small, simple goals before setting bigger goals. Start with modest goals such as working out two times a week. Once you have accomplished such kind of routine, then you can now start to set goals that are a bit more difficult such as working out four times a week.

 Get an Accountability Partner. You also need to have your own accountability system that will help you stay encouraged and achieve your goals. It also helps to keep track of your development and results. Try soliciting the help of a friend, family member, or even a co-worker who is also interested in starting an exercise routine. Be sure to pick someone who is highly motivated and encouraging.

Sticking to an exercise program is not as easy as many people think. This is sometimes due to the lack of immediate results, distractions, or fatigue that prompts some people to give up rather than sticking it out. As you follow the above list of tips, keep in mind that the most important factor in sticking to an exercise program is that you are motivated to do so—whether it be for health reasons or otherwise.