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What to Wear To Physical Therapy

Many people worry about what to wear when they come to us at RPI for treatment, and we find it common that some people even avoid getting help early on as they feel embarrassed at the thought of wearing the wrong thing.
Here at RPI, our focus is on providing exceptional care with exceptional results, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible when coming to one of our friendly clinics. To help guide you, we have put together some advice on what to wear when you come to see us.

What To Wear

One crucial part of deciding what to wear rests on what part of your body you will be having therapy on. It’s important that the area in question is accessible and that your physical therapist can see it in motion easily. For example, if you are having physical therapy on your arm, it is a good idea to wear a vest. If you are stuck for ideas there here is our recommended list:

  • Your gym or workout gear is a great choice for comfort and fit
  • Trainers or gym shoes
  • Close-fitting items that won’t obscure the view of your joints
  • Remember to wear your hair up so that it doesn’t get caught in anything when you are undergoing treatment.
In reality, most clothes are acceptable, and the best advice is to wear something that you are comfy and confident in so that you stick to the appointment time given and get the treatment that you need.

What Not To Wear

There are, however, some clothes that are not a great choice for a physical therapy appointment as they cause problems for the therapist when trying to treat you. The clothes and accessories that are best avoided include:

  • Workwear – although we understand that you may come to your appointment directly before or after work, it is important that you bring clothes to change into as workwear is not conducive to a clear vision for your physical therapist.
  • Tight-fitting clothes that stop your range of movement. You will need to move around and stretch as part of your appointment, and so it is important to wear clothes that will allow you to do this.
  • High heels and boots change the way you stand and can hide problem areas. It is always best to wear comfy gym shoes so that you can take part in all the movements required to diagnose and treat your problem areas.
  • Void excessive amounts of accessories, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can all get caught up when you are moving around, and they pose a health and safety risk, so remove them prior to your appointment.

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We have a friendly team that want to help get you into the best condition possible; we are waiting to take your call and look forward to hearing from you soon.