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Having good posture is incredibly important and it can really improve your quality of life. Good posture involves the muscles that surround the spine being balanced so that they can equally support the body. There are many benefits that come with having good posture. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of them and explore how you can improve your posture so that you can experience the advantages.

Less Back Pain
If you stand or sit in a slouching position for any length of time, it put stress on the lower back. This ends up causing lower back pain that can be difficult to cope with. You can do bridges to engage and strengthen the abdominal and gluteal muscles so that your body can rely on them rather than putting additional strain on your back. You should also try to move about more often – every half hour or so. This will help to limit the stress on your vertebrae.

Fewer Headaches
You may not have thought of your posture as causing your headaches, but in fact tension caused by poor posture can result in neck and head pain. Try to be more aware of your posture and make sure you are in proper alignment as often as possible to guard against headaches.

Reduced Tension In The Shoulders And Neck
If you stand with your head too far forward, there will be increased strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. However, if you maintain proper alignment, your ligaments and joints will be under less stress and therefore will be less likely to be overused. You should make sure to hold your head so that your ears are directly above your shoulders. You should also check in regularly with yourself to ensure you’re not only using your posterior neck muscles but also the muscles at the front of your neck to keep your head upright.

Decreased Chance Of Abnormal Wear On Your Joint Surfaces
If you stand or sit in a crooked position, your joints will wear unevenly. This will cause pain and other issues to develop. You can prevent this from happening by using a rolled towel or lumbar roll when sitting to give additional support to the natural curve of your lumbar region.

Greater Lung Capacity
When you slouch, your lungs are being compressed. However, if you stand and sit tall, your lungs will have more room to expand. This improves your breathing. You can help with this by rocking your pelvis backwards and forwards while sitting until you find the perfect spinal posture. Also, ensure that the majority of the pressure is not on your thighs or tailbone by on your sitting bones.

I’m Experiencing Pain, What Should I Do?
If you’re experiencing pain in your back or neck, you should seek medical advice straight away to prevent further problems from occurring. We can teach you some exercises that will improve your posture and help to relieve your suffering. They will help to strengthen your muscles and to guard against more issues developing in the future.