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At RPI Therapy Services we provide effective, evidence-based Physical Therapy in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. We offer two convenient locations for outpatient physical therapy in Clayton and Creve Coeur, Missouri and one location in West Rogers Park, Chicago. At RPI Physical therapy, we provide treatment that will promote wellness and function, to improving the lives of our patients. Our emphasis is simple: Easy access, exceptional care, and exceptional results.

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RPI Therapy Services to be the onsite Therapy Provider at the Clarendale Clayton

Step inside the velvet rope for a unique VIP experience: A View from Clarendale Clayton.  Click here to learn more.

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Physical Therapist In St. Louis: Summer Workout Programs for Different Conditions

 Building Strength: Summer Workout Programs for Different Conditions When it comes to physical therapy St. Louis residents have access to a variety of programs designed to improve strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. The summer season provides an excellent opportunity to

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Hi this is Evelyn and I am going to tell you that I just think that RPI was wonderful. I just had such a good response from the physical therapy. This is my second go around with RPI. This is my second time that I've had to go in for therapy and the first time I had a wonderful response to the physical therapy, and I just can't praise them enough. Thank you so much bye.

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My name is Sally and I just think that the all the people that work at this place or just outstanding and they have done a very great job and helping me get my back, back in shape. Thanks.
Hello. My name is Carol and after spinal surgery last year I developed pain in my gluteus and piriformus muscles. So my surgeon suggested RPI for therapy. During therapy it was discovered that my back muscles were abnormally tight and sore at the trigger points and this has been going on for many years as a result of my weakened abdominal muscles. So therapy began, I enrolled with RPI's pilates class and began treatment on my back. I've been having trigger point dry needling therapy on these muscles to retrain the muscle memory and reduce the tightness. I'm thrilled to death to have had this therapy after so many years of intermittent pain. RPI certainly has my vote. Thank you.
Yes, my name is Brenda and I have been going to RPI since 2007 for various injuries and conditions. I live in Alton and it is a 40 minute drive one way but their care is so professional and personal that to me it is worth the drive. Thank you.
Hi. My name is Larry and I wanted to report that I've been using RPI now on a 3 times a week basis for several months and all my experiences have been actually excellent. Jeff has been taking care of me over there in terms of my needs. Michelle has backed him up. The people at the front desk, the billing department, and all of the associates are just wonderful. My experience couldn't be better.