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Soft Tissue Mobilization

Manual Physical Therapy

Soft tissue mobilization is a form of manual therapy offered at RPI Therapy Services. Its goal is to relax muscles and decrease pain to get you back to functional at your best.
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
Soft tissue mobilization is a hands-on technique, performed by physical therapists, used on muscles, tendons, and fascia to decrease tension and improve muscle flexibility. It is a type of manual therapy. Soft tissue mobilization aids in relaxing tense muscles, reducing scar tissue, and lengthening fascia. Licensed physical and occupational therapists use techniques such as sustained pressure, oscillations, cross friction, and stroking of muscle, tendons, and ligaments to improve function.
There are many types of soft tissue mobilization including graston technique, ASTYM, manual traction, trigger point therapy, and cross friction. They are all safe and effective conservative treatments for ailments with the goals of:
soft-tissue-mobilization-img Soft Tissue Mobilization

Overall soft tissue mobilization can help ease pain and improve function after injury. Contact one of our 4 clinics to learn more about what RPI Therapy Services has to offer