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The majority of Americans fail to practice good posture. Listen to Jeff explain why it is so prevalent in today’s society.
Chin Tuck. Use this exercise to improve bad posture and relax the muscles of the neck.
Back Extensions. This exercise helps to alleviate pain and discomfort, resulting from bad posture habits, in the spine and rib cage.
“Snow Angel”. Maintaining one position for an extended amount of time can cause stress and pain on your shoulder blades. This exercise helps to minimize should blade tension.
Arm Extensions. This exercise, done with a resistance band, helps to open up your chest and re-strengthen your back and spine after sitting for long periods of time.
Pelvic/Hip Flex. Sitting for long periods of time can often cause lower back pain. This exercise can help to better align your lower back and pelvic area which can ultimately help to reduce back pain.