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Hip Roll. In this video, Sharon will demonstrate the hip roll, an exercise that helps to loosen the pelvic area. Because most running exercises tend to put strain on the pelvis, it is a good idea to perform exercises like this one, that help to ease tension in that area and prevent it from further straining.

Leg Crossover. This is a great exercise for speed and distance runners. The leg crossover helps to increase your speed and agility. Because this exercise is performed at such a fast pace, it is important for to maintain balance at all time. In this video, Sharon warns viewers that this may not be the ideal exercise for those who have trouble keeping their balance.

Backward Running. Like many other warm-up exercises, this exercise is geared towards improving agility and tolerance. One of the most important things to keep in mind when performing this exercise is maintaining the proper technique–which includes lifting the heels of your feet up to your buttocks with each step.