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Manual Physical Therapy

Whether your back pain is new or chronic, it can inhibit your daily activities and how you live your life. Back pain responds well to hands-on techniques utilized by our physical therapists.
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
80% of adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lifetime. Back pain can be debilitating and have an impact on your daily life. RPI can help you get your life back and return to work, sports, and hobbies you love.
There are many causes to low back pain:
back-and-spine-pain-img1 Back and Spine Pain

At RPI, we specialize in the sacroiliac joint. In 90-95% of our low back pain cases, sacroiliac joint dysfunction is the primary cause or secondary cause of your pain, and it is important to treat. There can be either too much movement or too little movement. Our trained physical therapists will analyze what the imbalance is and treat it effectively. A few examples of possible imbalance are hip flexor tightness, glute weakness, core weakness, and piriformis tightness.

Upon examination, we look at the big picture. We will analyze posture, functional leg length discrepancy, muscle strength, and muscle tension. This will help us come up with a treatment plan to resolve your back/radicular pain. Core stabilization is an important part to having a strong back. A lot of our patients struggle with engaging their lower abdominals and tend to brace their stomach and hold their breath. We take the time to teach the correct mechanics for lower abdominal activation to help you return to squatting and lifting without fear, and prevent future back pain.

We have trained clinicians who utilize techniques of manual therapy and exercise intervention to get you back to your best self. If you have been experiencing symptoms of low back ache, muscle spasm, pain with prolonged positions, stiffness, or numbness/tingling into buttock or down legs, it is time to come see us!

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*** If you are pregnant and have low back or sacroiliac joint plan please visit our women’s health page  to see how we can help!