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Going to the gym to stay fit can be can be an ideal solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. Gyms used to cost a pretty penny back in the 1980’s and even into the turn of the century, and there are gyms that still are overcharging their patrons. However, many gyms these days have low monthly fees and allow your friends to tag along with you, sometimes at no additional cost to you. Gyms have state of the art exercise equipment and offer other programs, like aerobics, Zumba, etc.

However, not everyone is comfortable in the gym setting, and some individuals are self-conscious. Maybe you are one of those people. Perhaps you lack coordination necessary for some of the fitness moves, or if you are an introverted individual, you don’t like being around people when you exercise. Or, maybe you don’t want to get into your car on a bitter winters day to workout at the gym. A home gym definitely has its advantages.

Whatever the case, a home gym could be what you’re looking for. The question is though, where do you start? Well, it’s really not that difficult. Even if you’re limited on space, you can incorporate a few pieces into your exercise routine in the comfort of your home. Here are a few essential pieces that you will need for your home gym. Not only are they user-friendly, but they also do not take up much space.

  • Kettlebells – There are so many exercises, over 50 in fact, that you can perform with this one piece of equipment. Some gym instructors argue that people can do the same tasks with a dumbbell, while this has some truth to it, you can do so much more with kettlebells. According to the website, BreakingMuscle.com (https://breakingmuscle.com/), many of the kettlebell exercises are specific to the Russian weights. One of the best things about the kettlebells is that they are portable, and you can take them anywhere. Kettlebells come in a wide variety of weights, and you can easily increase your weights as your strength increases. Many kettlebell exercises engage multiple muscle groups at once, in addition to the entire body, so they are great for a total body workout.
  • Resistance Bands – These bands come in different levels of resistance and are the perfect tool to tone your lower body, especially your derriere and legs. These bands are just right if you have limited space and travel frequently. The mini-resistance bands are even more useful when it comes to helping you get in shape.
  • Soft Medicine Ball – The Medicine Ball is a great asset to your home gym because you can improve your balance, as well as your agility. It is an excellent purchase for your polymetric exercises. What are they? These exercises are those that force you to use the maximum amount of exertion within short periods of time. Some of these drills include box jumps and skater jumps. Since it is a weighted ball, you can also do wall balls with it.
  • Barbell – Barbells are an excellent piece of equipment to have for your home gym. They cause you to engage your core, legs, back, and arms in order to perform the lifts. As you progress in your exercise program, if you use barbells, you will notice an improvement in your coordination as well. It’s a good idea to purchase a barbell with weighted rubber bumper plates.

Many other pieces of equipment are space savvy that you will benefit from in your home gym. If you can’t afford to buy all items at once, that’s ok. Build your gym one piece at a time. The point is that you’ll be working out and moving closer towards your fitness goals. For ideas and exercise you can do at home visit our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RPISTL