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Speech Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy

RPI Therapy Services offer speech therapy performed by speech-language pathologists. They diagnose and treat language and communication disorders, and swallowing disorders.
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
corner-blue (1) Back and Spine Pain
Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat people with speech, language, and voice disorders, and swallowing issues. They work with people of all ages and a variety of disorders.
Common issues that speech-language pathologist work with:
tmj (1) Neurological Disorders
Working with these issues are necessary as a person ages. Speaking and swallowing are an integral part of life and can improve your quality of life. RPI’s speech language pathologist specialize in seniors and those with disabilities. Commons ways speech therapy can help are:
To learn more about our speech therapy program or schedule an evaluation with a speech therapist, call one of our locations. It is provided at the Clayton, Gambrill Gardens, and Park Plaza locations.