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Physical Therapists in Creve Coeur MO

RPI physical therapists in Creve Coeur are proud to offer an effective range of treatments and programs to cater for different needs. As one of our two locations in St. Louis, we look forward to rehabilitating individuals with all types of physical issues including headaches, back pain, joint injuries, womens health issues, hand and feet injuries and all muscle injuries  .  From teenagers to senior care, we have developed an individual approach where your personal requirements are met by friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Our services are extensive, so we have broken them down into the following categories. Some programs and treatments do cross over and are effective at treating more than one problem area.

Aquatic Therapy

One of the services that makes Covenant House unique is that we offer aquatic therapy. Undergoing a program in water is the perfect way to regain strength and balance after a serious injury, surgery and for people that are overweight. The buoyancy of the water provides a safe environment in the stages of progression for certain individuals.

Women’s Health

We also help women overcome the physical and emotional issues connected with pelvic pain, vaginismus, urinary incontinence, and other similar problems. This involves a series of exercises that can be carried out at the gym or at home.

Strength, Stability, And Flexibility

To regain and improve strength, stability and flexibility, our Covenant House facility offers Rehabilitation Pilates and Myofascial Release Treatment. The former will target your core strength and is effective at treating back and spine issues. Myofascial Release Treatment involves stretching, massage and pressure to restore mobility and flexibility.

Other Services

Our other popular services include:

• Neuropathy programs – these programs help people with circulation problems that make
daily tasks a struggle
• Vestibular rehabilitation – this treatment improves balance in those suffering from nystagmus
• Sports rehabilitation – this treatment covers a range of injuries caused by exercise
• TMD – the Temporomandibular joint can become dysfunctional in some people which make
swallowing and chewing difficult. Our treatment uses special techniques to address these
• Movement analysis – this is perfect to prevent issues stemming from unorthodox movement
patterns or for athletes wanting to improve their technique

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