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RPI physical therapy is a clinic that was founded by physical therapists Jonty Flesher and Jonathan Gordan, who have combined experience of over 40 years. Located in St. Louis and Chicago, RPI provides effective physical therapy services in an outpatient setting, which allows for flexible scheduling for any type of lifestyle. RPI caters to individuals with specific needs; therefore, the clinic offers many forms of therapy like manual physical therapy, aqua physical therapy, myofascial release, sports rehabilitation, fibromyalgia treatment, and rehabilitation pilates.
RPI offers the best physical therapy services to all types of individuals, no matter what their condition is.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is something that many individuals will need at some point in their life. Physical therapy focuses on gross motor functions such as balance, muscle strength, and stamina. The main goal is to help those that have been injured live a full and satisfying quality of life. Participating in physical therapy will prevent you from becoming a slave to your injuries. Just because you have been injured, it does not mean that all hope is lost. At RPI, they guarantee to provide their patients with one-on-one undivided attention to accommodate for your needs.

Athletic Physical Therapy

For all the athletes in the St. Louis or Chicago area, RPI is a great place to go for your physical therapy needs. An athlete may have an injury that will prevent them from playing their best or even playing at all; this is where RPI comes in. Physical therapists at RPI will work with athletes, while creating an individualized recovery plan to achieve the desired results. No matter what kind of athlete you are, RPI can help you regain your strength, stability, and range of motion to help you heal from your injuries and allow you to play your best.

Sports Therapy

Another area that RPI excels in is sports therapy. Many people are subjected to sports-related injuries and RPI will help individuals work through that. RPI’s goal for sports therapy is to assess each individual and develop a plan of care that is appropriate for their specific need to return to playing without having a risk of re-injury. RPI’s physical therapists address their patients’ myofascial and joint restrictions, nerve entrapments, biomechanical limitations, impaired functional movement patterns, and postural dysfunction. By addressing all these aspects, the physical therapists are looking at restoring function as a whole.
If you or someone you know needs a physical therapist that will give them their undivided attention to create a recovery plan for their specific conditions, RPI is the best place to go. RPI is the only place in the St. Louis and Chicago area that offers many different types of physical therapies to accommodate for everyone’s needs. RPI takes pride in giving their patient’s the proper amount of care and attention to help them recovery from their injuries to get back on track to having a better quality of life. Call To Schedule Your Evaluation Today!