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Virginia Lanier, DPT, discusses how Pilates can help your pelvic health.


Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women suffer from bowel or bladder issues? Did you also know that Pilates can help? Research indicates that specifically targeting the core musculature by performing exercises like Pilates can strengthen the supporting structures of the pelvis. This can assist in reducing symptoms associated with pelvic pain, leakage, or weakness.

Many women and men suffering from pelvic issues often perform “Kegel” exercises in an effort to correct this problem. Kegel exercises alone are not enough. Many people perform them incorrectly which can actually make the problems worse. Seeing a physical therapist that is specially trained in Women’s Health Physical Therapy is a crucial step in developing a treatment plan that fits a person’s specific needs. Some clinics offer Pilates programs as an adjunct to physical therapy regimens. Pelvic issues are neither gender nor age specific and talking to the appropriate healthcare provider who can find treatments specific to your needs is vitally important to overall success in treating your condition.