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Senior Safety

Falls are the number one cause of injury among people over the age of 65. This is a serious issue, as falls can result in fractures, head injuries, hospital visits and even death.

To reduce the risk of falls in the home, follow these simple tips:


  • Grab bars to enter and exit the shower
  • Use a nonskid bath mat
  • Remove throw rugs
  • Install nightlight


  • Avoid using step stools to reach items
  • Place frequently used items on counter or lower cabinets
  • Clean up spills right away
  • Remove throw rugs
  • Decrease clutter


  • Move electrical cords away from walking paths
  • Have a bedside lamp for adequate lighting
  • Keep a phone near bed in case of emergencies

Living Room:

  • Make sure there is adequate space for walkway
  • Raise height of sofas and chairs with cushions
  • Sit in chairs with armrests to assist with standing up
  • Repair furniture that isn’t sturdy


  • Ensure adequate lighting in stairway
  • Install railings on both sides of stairs
  • Remove clutter from steps

 For more information on home modification resources, visit www.homemods.org or contact one of the RPI therapists.