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So, you’ve confirmed your appointment with one of our Physical Therapists in Richmond Heights, Mo, but don’t know what to expect. You don’t have to go far to find all the information you need. We want to make it easy for you to begin your journey to recovery with peace of mind. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions from patients coming to their first physical therapy appointment. Read on to find out more.

What do I need to come with to my first Richmond heights physical therapy appointment?

On your first appointment, you must carry your insurance card and any other billing information that will be used for this session and other sessions henceforth. You can complete your physical therapy paperwork in advance if you wish to. This will help your first session be shorter and straight to the point. Likewise, it would be helpful if you went over your medical history and gathered some points you could share with your physical therapist in Richmond Heights, Mo. These include things like any medications and supplements you might be using at the moment.
Carry with you any test results and other diagnostic testing reports as this will help the physiotherapist in understanding how to help you best. Your questions and goals will also be important, and preparing in advance for this makes it easier to converse with the physiotherapist.

What to wear for my first physical therapy appointment?

Your physical therapy session may include activity, so it’s advisable you come with clothes that allow you to move freely. Lose clothes might be instrumental in allowing the physical therapist to examine the part of your body that needs therapy. Carry with you a change of clothes if you have other engagements after your therapy session.

What should I expect in my first physical therapy appointment?

On your first therapy appointment, our Physical therapist in Richmond Heights, Mo, will focus on examining the state of your injury or condition and understanding you as a person. You should come ready to present information about your medical history and what you expect from your therapy sessions. You may also undergo a physical examination to determine your range of motion, flexibility, posture, and other relevant information that will help form the custom treatment that will work well for you.

How long will my appointment last, and how frequently do I need to come back for subsequent appointments?

To be honest, most appointments vary with the individual. That said, your first session can take about one hour to complete the initial evaluation and getting to know each other. In this session, your physical therapist will give recommendations for the number and frequency of future sessions. The first session is often the longest, and you can therefore expect future sessions to be shorter or come thereabout. For further therapy, your Physical therapist in Richmond Heights, Mo, will recommend other home-based exercises. This is intended to help you progress faster in your treatment between sessions.

Will Physical therapy hurt me?

Most people who need physical therapy experience some pain of some sort. Your physical therapist will work with you to find the most efficient regiment while minimizing any pain you feel. That said, the pain will vary with the severity of your injury or condition. So you can expect some level of discomfort almost directly proportional to the severity.
If you have further questions, please consult one of our RPI Physical therapists in Richmond Heights, Mo. Feel free to ask any questions, concerns or share your opinions because this will help our team assist you going forward with your first and subsequent appointments.