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How you Can Benefit From Aquatic Therapy

aquatic therapy session

Aquatic therapy is a special type of physical therapy that involves exercising in water. People use physical therapy to recover from serious injuries, something that takes several months or years. However, aquatic therapy reduces chronic and acute pain, boost muscle performance, and speed recovery faster than physical therapy. Some other benefits of aquatic therapy include:
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How to Manage Pain Due to A Stiff Neck

TMJ Treatment

A stiff neck is evident by the fact that it hurts you to turn your neck from side to side. This issue is sometimes accompanied by arm pain, headache, shoulder pain and/or neck pain. When an individual has a stiff neck, the person turns the entire body when trying to look sideways or backward. Causes
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Physical Therapy for Seniors

caring for dementia

Physical therapy makes use of physical methods like exercises, heat treatment, and massage to treat deformity, injury, or disease rather than surgery or drugs. Physical therapists develop an individualized treatment plan to improve the quality of life as well as make daily task easier for people that have been impaired in one way or another.
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Tips for Aging In Place

Elderly woman aging in place

Even though you cannot stop yourself from aging, there are several physical activities that can ward off many age-related health issues. Movement experts, most especially, physical therapists are capable of helping aging individuals maintain and gain movement, overcome pain, as well preserve independence. Here are five proven ways physical therapists want you to know on how
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Purses and Bags Can Be a Pain In The Neck (Literally)

Woman suffering from neckpain after wearing purse

Maybe you already know that you have to carefully choose children backpacks and make them wear it correctly to protect them from back pain. But do you know the same applies to your handbag or purse? Women are mostly fond of big handbags because they are fashionable. And because they are big, they tend to
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Pregnancy and Posture

pregnant woman with back pain

A good posture is an important part of healthy pregnancy. This is because of the effects pregnancy has on the alignment of one’s body. Pregnancy maintains a healthy body posture when standing, sitting, semi-reclined, lying on your side, and when lying on your back. When a woman is pregnant, different things happen that work against
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Common Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer Patient

The Alzheimer’s Association reported that more than 5 million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer’s. Although the condition mostly affects adults age 65 years and above, about 5% of Alzheimer’s disease patients are diagnosed in their early 40s and 50s. Alzheimer’s is a brain condition that slowly affects reasoning, memory, and other intellectual
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Pain Relief: Ice VS Heat

ice relief for recovery

In a nutshell, ice is used on injuries while heat is meant for muscles. Ice is meant to be used for calming damaged superficial tissues that are swollen, red, inflamed, and hot. Although the inflammatory process is a natural, normal, and healthy process, it can also be biologically stubborn and incredibly painful than it needs
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Symptoms and Treatment Options for Hand Osteoarthritis

One of the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, as it affects millions of people globally. Osteoarthritis develops when the protective cartilage of the bones starts to wear as time passes by. It is also referred to as “degenerative arthritis” because the cartilages of the joint degenerate. Although this condition can affect all joints
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6 Benefits of Speech Therapy

elderly woman receiving speech therapy

While research shows that about 60% of seniors recovering from smoke have difficulty talking, studies have also shown that speech therapy can restore their language skills after a stroke. Other mental and physical disabilities (such as Alzheimer’s), have also been known to affect one’s speech abilities. Here are a few ways that speech therapy can
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