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Injury Prevention 101

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention 101  Sports injuries are a nuisance but sometimes they occur, despite your very best efforts to do everything the right way. However, there are a few steps you can take to minimize your chances of becoming injured while exercising. Here are a few suggestions which could help to protect your body while working
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Everything You Need To Know About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

x-ray of Knee after surjery

What Is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? Hypermobility syndrome, known as Ethers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) in medical circles, is a connective tissue disorder that can affect the whole body. It predominantly affects joints but can also affect internal organs, including the heart.  When patients have EDS, their joints display hypermobility which has negative consequences on everyday life and results
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What is myofascial release

Sport Rehab

  What you need to know about Myofascial Release   Our bones, muscles and ligaments are kept in place with a connective soft tissue known as fascia. Just like other parts of our body, fascia can become injured which can then become very painful. People with inflamed or constricted fascia can find movement very difficult,
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Physical Therapy in the St. Louis Area

Great Physical Therapy In St. Louis    St. Louis’ residents have the luxury of choosing from many different physical therapy practices in the local area. However, there is one physical therapy practice that has an extensive and unique set of practices to tackle all your aches, pains, and frustrations.   RPI Therapy Services offers a
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Three Signs You Should Visit a Physical Therapist

Signs you should visit a Physical Therapist

When to Visit a Physical Therapist Often, when we think of physiotherapy, we associate it only with people who need to be rehabilitated after major accidents, such as those needing to learn how to walk again. Instead, many of us choose to suffer through the pain our body feels, not wanting to bother health professionals
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Women’s Health Physical Therapy

women's health physical therapy

Women’s bodies go through many changes in their life, from the trauma of pregnancy to the menopause and aging. All of those changes over time cause a host of physical ailments and problems which can be distressing and unpleasant to live with. Physical therapy can offer many benefits for any woman who is suffering from
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Pre-Running Stretch Routine

Running Stretch

Every athlete is aware that they should warm up before exercising, however not everyone is sure why this is the case. Stretching before working out is vital to prepare the body for the physical impact of the activity, warming the muscles and protecting them from any possibility of injury. Stretching also helps to boost the
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What Does Stretching Actually Do?

Woman Stretching. What does it do?

Most people are aware that they are supposed to stretch before they work out, however, fewer are aware of why it is so important. When you’re in a hurry to finish your exercise session, it can be very tempting to miss out this step of your regime, however, stretching is essential to preventing injury and
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How An Apple Watch Could Save Your Life

New technology such as smart watches is often associated with the young but increasingly, services are being added which are geared towards the older generation too.   This has never been more evident than with the new functionality that’s available on the Apple Watch. But what exactly is this life-saving technology and how could it
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