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Women’s Health Physical Therapy

women's health physical therapy

Women’s bodies go through many changes in their life, from the trauma of pregnancy to the menopause and aging. All of those changes over time cause a host of physical ailments and problems which can be distressing and unpleasant to live with. Physical therapy can offer many benefits for any woman who is suffering from
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Pre-Running Stretch Routine

Running Stretch

Every athlete is aware that they should warm up before exercising, however not everyone is sure why this is the case. Stretching before working out is vital to prepare the body for the physical impact of the activity, warming the muscles and protecting them from any possibility of injury. Stretching also helps to boost the
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What Does Stretching Actually Do?

Woman Stretching. What does it do?

Most people are aware that they are supposed to stretch before they work out, however, fewer are aware of why it is so important. When you’re in a hurry to finish your exercise session, it can be very tempting to miss out this step of your regime, however, stretching is essential to preventing injury and
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How An Apple Watch Could Save Your Life

New technology such as smart watches is often associated with the young but increasingly, services are being added which are geared towards the older generation too.   This has never been more evident than with the new functionality that’s available on the Apple Watch. But what exactly is this life-saving technology and how could it
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What Is Trigger Point Dry Needling And How Is It Used In Physical Therapy?

Trigger Dry Point Needling at RPI

Trigger Point Dry Needling therapy, sometimes known as TDN for short, has been shown to be highly effective in treating the muscle spasms and tension which often accompany conditions like ligament and muscular strains, herniated disks and arthritis. What Is TDN? Trigger Point Dry Needling uses solid filament needles which are inserted into the skin
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A Deep Dive into Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy for patients with limited mobility

What is Aquatic Therapy and Who Is It For? Aquatic physical therapy (APT), also known as water therapy, or aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy that is performed in the water by a licensed physical therapist. According to the National Rehabilitation Information Center (,  water therapy is used for “treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health,
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Tips for Getting into the Habit of a Workout Routine

Life is busy, and more often than not, it’s downright chaotic, and self-care like exercising is the last thing on your mind. You want to get started so that you feel better, but you just can’t seem to see where to fit it into your day. Between going to work, taking the kids to school,
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Why Physical Therapy is So Important

    The road to recovery following serious injury can seem like a long and arduous road. Physical therapy is designed to help make that road much more manageable and has proven to be highly effective in managing the weeks and months following to get you back to full health.   There are many instances
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How to make a basic home gym

home gym setup

  Going to the gym to stay fit can be can be an ideal solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. Gyms used to cost a pretty penny back in the 1980’s and even into the turn of the century, and there are gyms that still are overcharging their
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